5 Apparel Pieces Every MC Rider Should Have in Their Closet

When it comes to Motocross items, every rider wants to save. From cheap motorcycle parts to cheap motorcycle clothing and accessories, saving money is a big concern. However, it is okay to splurge when your closet looks a little empty. Every MC rider needs to have the right clothing to look the part. These five apparel pieces are a necessity 

  1. Helmet

First and foremost, you need the right helmet. In many parts of the country, including Motocross tracks, you will be unable to legally ride a motorcycle unless you get a helmet to protect yourself as you cruise down tracks. All kinds of helmets are available depending on your tastes. For a sleek, standard look, you can opt for the Bell Qualifier Solid Helmet. If you want something with a little more pizzazz, then the Scorpion EXO-AT950 Solid Helmet is for you. 

  1. Shirts

The best motorcycle brand shirts will show your love for Motocross on and off the track. Shirts are available from every brand imaginable. No matter what type of bike you rep, you will find one that matches your lifestyle. From Honda to Yamaha, you will find there is no shortage of t-shirts that will keep you looking fly. 

  1. Jacket

While it is all right to wear a t-shirt while on your bike, you should always have a little something extra. It gets cold as you ride down the track, and you always need to be prepared for a fall. You need a durable, resilient street jacket that provides you with extra coverage should anything nasty happen while on the road. Joe Rocket makes some excellent pieces, including the Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket, which comes in a variety of colors. It also comes with a reflective stripe for extra protection.

  1. Pants

After you have gotten everything you need for the upper part of your body, it is time to start thinking of the lower half. Your pants should keep you comfortable while protecting your legs against heat coming from the exhaust and engine. Many MC riders find that the REV’IT! Dominator 2 GTX Pants help immensely with this. They come in black, and they offer SEESMART CE-Level 1 protection around the hips. 

  1. Boots

You need boots for all kinds of driving conditions. You will need snow boots when it starts getting chilly outside. However, for everyday riding, you simply need a durable set of boots that will not make your feet sore after you have been on the track for hours. The Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots come with an internal steel shank, stamped metal heel plate and a five-strap alloy-buckle chassis. They are designed for the long haul, so you do not want to leave home without them. 

Take a look around your closet. Is it a little sparse? Are the clothes you currently own a little outdated? If you answered “Yes” to either of these, then it is time for an upgrade. Find all the clothing you need from a reputable motorcycle shop online so that you can head out to every track in town looking stylish. 

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