Kids Bowl Free

KIDS BOWL FREE at Sempeck's Bowling is an Omaha staple that the Sempeck family started in the late 1980's.   In an effort to keep kids active, out of trouble and participating in a life long sport/activity that has no limitations or boundaries based on age, sex or ability.. KIDS BOWL FREE was born!  Starting out with about 1500 students in the Elkhorn area- the Sempeck family has now grown the program to a nation wide reach- and has over 40,000 Omaha area school age students involved!!   You can register your school age students for             2 FREE GAMES OF OPEN BOWLING EVERY DAY NOW THROUGH OCTOBER 15TH!!  The only cost is shoe rental...(gotta keep those toes safe!!)  Shoe rental is $3.75 per person/per pair- or take advantage of our SEASON SHOE PASS... only $15 per person.  Use it 4 times- you've paid for the WHOLE SUMMER!   Sempecks offers MORE TIMES AND AVAILABILITY for Kids Bowl Free than ANY OTHER BOWLING CENTER in Omaha!!

Go to and register your school age kids now!  Simple- great FAMILY FUN!!

Sign Up For A Free $10 Open Bowling Certificate